Sindh govt bans internet cafes without video surveillance

MYANMAR OUT BURMA OUT Students use an internet facility at a net cafe in Myanmar's biggest city Yangon, 30 January 2008. A popular Myanmar blogger who belongs to Aung San Suu Kyi's pro-democracy party has been arrested in Yangon, apparently for violating the nation's tough Internet controls, a party spokesman said. Nay Phone Latt's blog was written in Burmese and in the style of a novel. He used it as a forum to discuss the difficulties of daily life, such as the power outages that last most of the day and the rising cost of living. MYANMAR OUT BURMA OUT AFP PHOTO



The Sindh government, under Section 144 (6) CrPC, Monday imposed ban on internet cafes operating without proper video surveillance and recording system.

The internet cafes shall be required to preserve the recording for one year. Moreover the owners of all internet cafes shall keep CNIC copies along with cabin numbers and usage time of all persons using the net cafe, said a statement.

The SHO of concerned police station has been authorised to register complaints under Section 188 PPC in writing over the violation of Section 144 CrPC against internet cafes operating without surveillance and recording system and not keeping proper record including copies of CNIC, cabin number and usage timing.

However, no complaint would be lodged for operating without proper video surveillance and recording system before expiry of 15 days of issuance of formal notice by SHO to the net cafe operator to install the surveillance system.