Karachi operation going on successfully: Sindh Governor  


KARACHI: Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair Umar on Sunday said that Karachi operation is going on successfully and has drastically improved the security situation in the city.

The governor who was sworn in on Thursday, while addressing the convocation ceremony of a private university, said that the overall situation has improved in Pakistan and the nation is much better as compared to three years ago.

“Businessmen and investors are only concerned about peace and the security situation,” he said. However, he expressed regret that regular violence and frequent strikes had become the identity of the city.

He said that those days are gone when the metropolis would be shut down at a notice of ten minutes, and now no one can even dare close it at a notice of ten months.

“Karachi never closed down peacefully, it was always forced,” said the governor. He said that china-cutting and such negative activities had kept investors away from the city.


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