Turbat: with the new DC, comes a new hope


Captain Sarmad Saleem who is the newly elected Deputy Commissioner of District Kech, really deserves to be appreciated and admired for investigating cases of circulative encroachments. He’s been taking solid measures for the betterment and improvement of Turbat since he took office.

It is also very significant for the students that he is paying attention toward miserable condition of Turbat’s educational institutions for assuring the quality of education to get access to standard educational facilities.

The present DC is making concrete efforts to ensure an end to traffic jams and other pathetic issues of traffic in the city owing to which, frequently, road accidents have occurred. Buying and selling drugs and other harmful materials are totally banned across the district. The masses of Kech thus maintain good expectations from the new DC, hoping that he will be laying specific emphasis on the development and the beautification of the city.