Ranbir Kapoor bulks up for Sanjay Dutt biopic


If Aamir Khan can do it, Ranbir Kapoor too can. At least when it comes to body transformation, that is. Just like Aamir Khan, who gained extra kilos to play Mahavir Singh Phogat in his hit film Dangal, reports suggest that Ranbir too is attempting something similar: The Tamasha star has gained 13 kg to play Sanjay Dutt in Rajkumar Hirani’s biopic on the Bollywood actor.

According to sources, the Barfi! actor will be portraying three phases of Sanjay’s life. One of them will be the beefed-up Ranbir, one from the 90s and the last from the Khalnayak star’s time in rehab.

“Ranbir has gained more than 13 kg now, which is all muscle and no fat. His waistline has gone down by an inch and he has been losing fat while building up muscle. Ranbir has an hour-and-a-half of intense workout sessions,” revealed fitness trainer Kunal Gir.

“It is a big challenge to bulk up Ranbir like Sanjay, but he’s committed to doing whatever needs to be done. He even wakes up at 3 am, has a protein shake and goes back to sleep,” he added.