Regulating cab service


As per reports, the Punjab Government wants to regulate two cab services Uber and Careem and wants them to meet the legal requirements because these companies and their vehicles are being run as commercial vehicles.

For those who have suddenly gotten out of a deep slumber are not aware of all the facts, unlike yellow cab service which is owned by a Turkish company, vehicles under Uber and Careem banners are owned by the individuals who are the owners of the vehicles, not by the company, and they are on the roads as privately owned vehicles with all required documents such as driving license etc and these can be checked any time. Uber and Careem cab services are much cheaper than the yellow cab services and it will be better no unnecessary obstructions are created in their way and people allowed to use cheaper cab service as before.

This sudden move on the part of the Provincial Government thus makes it look like a move on the part of the vested interests who want to protect and safeguard the commercial interests of the yellow cab service at the cost of Uber and Careem cheaper cab services which are being used by growing number of commuters in the provincial metropolis.

As a regular user of Uber and Careem cab services, I know that fares being charged by these cabbies are much lower than yellow cab service. Uber and Careem cab services charges around Rs 15 per kilometer as compared to yellow cab service which starts at Rs 120 for initial three kilometers and then charge Rs 35 for every subsequent km.

Instead of taking “anti-people” steps in the name of regulating cab services and depriving the people respectable means of income instead of creating more and more employment opportunities of the needy people, it will be advisable as well as quite commendable if the fares of the yellow cab services are revised and brought at the level of Uber and Careem cab services. Then people may start using yellow cab service risking rough driving and ill-mannerism of the hired drivers who do not own the vehicles they are driving unlike the Uber and Careem cab services vehicles which are driven by the owners.