Panamagate case hearing adjourned till Monday due to judge’s illness


ISLAMABAD:The Supreme Court Wednesday (today) adjourned the Panamagate case hearing till Monday after one of the judges on the five-member bench hearing the case was taken ill a day earlier.

Late Tuesday night, Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh was rushed to the hospital.

According to sources, the judge was admitted to the Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology following chest pain and may go undergo an angioplasty.

On January 4, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa who is heading the SC bench ruled the hearings of the Panamagate case will be conducted daily without any adjournment.

The Sharif family’s attorney faced another torrid session in the Supreme Court on Tuesday when the judges asked for documentary proof of the investments made by the ruling family in Qatar during the 1980s. The attorney was left nonplussed as he knew there were no satisfactory replies he could offer.

The counsel for the PM’s sons Salman Akram Raja, quoted several judgments in his effort to convince the five-judge larger bench hearing the Panama Papers case to not pass any adverse verdict against his clients. He, however, struggled in removing ambiguities linked with the money trail through which the London flats were acquired in 2006.

The counsel was also unable to give a cogent reply to another key query: how the Sharif family could have made the investments after selling the Dubai Steel Mills during the 1980s when they had 15 million dirhams in pending dues.

He left another important link to the case unanswered, ie, the ‘originator’ of Nielsen and Nescoll — two offshore companies that owned the luxury properties in London.

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  1. Nawaz and Sons seems to me are Qataris but not Pakistanis as their business in Qatar, Dubai, Saudi, india and London and could be many more.
    Nawaz and Sons is a chor family.
    This traitor family should be punished badly and make a example for all other traitors.

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