Girl, boy commit suicide by jumping in front of moving train in Gujranwala


GUJRANWALA: A boy and a girl allegedly committed suicide on Wednesday by jumping in front of a moving train near Mujahidpura.

They are said to have been 25-30 years old.

Their love was forbidden, as Madiha* was married to another man for over two years. She lived with her husband – a rickshaw driver – and her in-laws in Nawab Town.

According to the family, Madiha* ran away from home on Monday, after which they began a search for her, but to no avail. Two days later she and her lover Asad* ended their lives.

As per the railway crossing operator, who witnessed the suicide, the boy and girl turned up at the railway track, held hands, and leapt in front of an oncoming train, which killed them instantly.

On January 16 this year, a 16-year-old student reportedly committed suicide in Islamabad’s Tarnol area. He was in love with his teacher, and killed himself using his father’s firearm over unrequited feelings, police said.

Last year, in August, a girl and boy in Sargodga killed themselves using poison, an investigation officer mentioned. Bodies of the couple, who wanted to get married, were found in a car.