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Corporate Social Responsibility: Hot addition to brand marketing

Firms these days use various cards to attract consumers. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are one of the popular cards these days. It refers to business practices involving initiative that benefits the society. Hence, firms believe that by working for the public they will attract the public itself. It seems like the firms have discovered the mantra that works for them. The mantra of CSR has recently been adopted by giant firms in Pakistan and they must be applauded for that.

This magic spell acts as a continuous commitment by businesses to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

The latest video of Gai Power Wash featuring Muniba Mazari caught our attention. The infant detergent brand has been in news lately. Mahira Khan’s thought provoking statement “Clothes do a lot for us but what do we do for them?” had already left us stunned and now the brand strikes again.

Gai Power Wash collaborated with ACPL’s brand ambassador, Muniba Mazari for a clothes donation drive. # CleanYourAct is not only focusing on donating clothes but pledges to donate clothes in a good state. Ribbet collage

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Gai Power Wash’s competitor Surf Excel has always been leading the CSR game. They have a campaign called ‘madad ek ibadat.’ This should take you back to their Ramzan TVC in which the promoted the idea of helping others.

Even Surf Excel initiated their own clothes donation campaign. Moreover, they have a ‘Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.’ In a world where climate change is accelerating and water scarcity is becoming an everyday reality for more and more people, they believe that it’s their job to be part of the solution, not the problem. That’s why at Unilever they decided to set out the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

As one of the Unilever brands, Surf Excel has a major role in helping them achieve their vision of a more sustainable future. One of the ways they have achieved this is by using liquids to save CO2 emissions. Not only does it use less packaging but its ingredients tread a lot lighter on the environment. If everyone used a concentrated product it would be the equivalent of taking a million cars off the road.

Also, Pepsi won laurels with their most popular ‘End the darkness’ CSR campaign. Pepsi succeeded in lighting up millions of lives in the remote areas by their bottled solar lights. Just by encouraging consumers to donate Rs. 1 they promised the installation of safe, environment-friendly and sustainable Pepsi bottled solar lights in remote communities.


The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Pakistan has been declared a winner at the International SABRE Gold Awards 2016, Asia-Pacific region, in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility, for its project “Women Entrepreneurship Program”. They had collaborated with Kashf foundation for this campaign. While the list continues it is hard to drop Mcdonalds. They have acted as visionaries hence; they have a couple of CSR campaigns. A few of those include beautifying parks, litter patrol, walks for cruelty against animals and a home for SOS village.

These activities have tremendously helped companies forge an emotional relationship with the public. By portraying themselves as a responsible corporate they integrate with a greater audience.

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