White Lies


It was quite a kerfuffle in the parliament the other day, but nothing that hasn’t been seen before. Not just in Pakistan but also abroad. In fact, the distance between the opposition and treasury benches in the UK was famously specified to be “two swords’ length.”

No, not surprising, but what did take most viewers aback was that the scuffle came from unexpected quarters. Shahid Khakan Abbasi is just about the most mild mannered politician that one could come across.

Explaining himself later, he said he was only going over to tell the opposition members that they had had their say and that they should let the proceedings of the House carry on. It was on his way back that he was attacked and that he had only lifted his hand to protect himself. Wrong place, wrong tome, wrong opposition.



Social media is rife with jokes regarding the money trail submitted by the lawyers of the First Family. One needs a larger capacity for abstract reasoning to understand the money trail, apparently.

Jokes abound, making jabs at the complicated, criss-crossing mesh of money transfers that no one seems to be making head or tail of. Also, much humour at the expense se of the Qataris. One social media account, taking a photograph, apparently of an examination hall in the Arab world, titled it, “All Qatari princes working on their own respective letters to save Nawaz Sharif.”