Strict enforcement of traffic laws can minimise loss of lives: minister healthcare



  • Govt assures provision of CT scan machines within a few months


Provincial Minister for Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education Khawaja Salman Rafique on Saturday said that the strict implementation of traffic rules; hundred percent use of helmet by motorcyclists can minimise the chances of loss of lives and disabilities during road accidents.

The minister expressed these views while addressing the concluding session of First Traumatic Brain Injury Summit at a local hotel.

The seminar was arranged by Post Graduate Medical Institute and Institute of Neuro Sciences of Lahore General Hospital.

Punjab Assembly Member Lubna Faisal also addressed the seminar. Many renowned Neuro Surgeons including Prof Dr Nazir Chaudhry, Prof Shehzad Shams, Prof Anwar Chaudhry and orthopaedic surgeons from different teaching hospitals delivered lectures during the technical session on the trauma injuries, case management and treatment of the patients. Dr Imran Bajwa and a large number of clinicians from Lahore General Hospital, Institute of Neuro Sciences and the other hospitals participated in the function.

The minister said that by compliance with traffic laws, the Neuro, as well as orthopaedic wards, could remain empty to a larger extent.

Rafique said that professional and talented doctors, professors and nurses have been providing quality healthcare to the patients across the country.

The minister said that despite strict enforcement of these laws youth still manage to break them, he added, “the youth have to decide whether they should use helmet and will obey the traffic laws for their safety and the welfare of their families as well as to minimise the socio-economic problems of their dependents”.

Rafique further said that on the directions of Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, the target of revamping of 40 DHQ/THQ hospitals by June 2017 has been fixed. Moreover, CT Scan machines would be provided to all the DHQ hospitals within few months, the provision of CT Scan machines at districts level would also be helpful in providing diagnostic facilities for trauma patients, he added.

During the seminar, experts also gave recommendations to activate the neuro surgery departments of the teaching hospitals, construction of new hospitals according to the needs of population, strict action against one-wheelers, ban on motorcycle driving on youth under 18 years, imparting awareness to the candidates of driving license before issuing the license.

They also stressed the need to implement the law of security roof walls, implementation on the international laws for industrial workers and labours attached with construction works. Doctors disclosed that every year thousands of children and young men died or disabled due to falling from the roofs of the buildings.