Qatar test-fires 11,000-km letter for possible Trump rescue



The State of Qatar test-fired a 11,000-km letter on Saturday in preparation of a possible court rescue for US President Donald Trump.

Trump took oath for office on the 20th of January for the office of the President of the United States and is already plagued with questions about conflict of interests and, consequently, of corruption.

“We have conducted a successful test a couple of hours ago,” said Prince Waleed Abdul Basit, talking to reporters in Doha. “The letter clearly demonstrates the ability to transcend such a range within a specified time.”

Qatar’s financial correspondence industry is already the country’s largest contributor to the national GDP after oil, with many global markets economists believing that the product could even overtake petrochemicals in the near future.

Reacting to the successful test, the US President said that any possible expansion of the list of Muslim countries from which immigration would be curtailed will not, under any circumstances, include Qatar.

“They are terrific, fabulous guys over there,” he said. “I can always rely on them bigly.”