Israeli troops kill Palestinian in West Bank clash – officials

GAZA STRIP, Gaza: A demonstrator raises a Palestinian flag in the air while clashes erupted between Palestinian youths and Israeli defense soldiers near Erez crossing northern of Gaza City, December 11, 2015. Since mid-September 2015, Palestinians have killed 19 Israelis. At least 112 Palestinians have died by Israeli fire; 75 of them said by Israel to be attackers while the others died in clashes with security forces. Israel blames incitement by political and religious leaders for the violence. Palestinians say the attacks stem from despair at achieving statehood. (AAP Image/NEWZULU/MHMED ALI). NO ARCHIVING, CROWD SOURCED CONTENT, EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian during a clash on Sunday in the occupied West Bank, according to Palestinian medical officials.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said Palestinian rioters had “attacked and hurled pipe bombs” at soldiers operating overnight in the area of the Jenin refugee camp.

“Responding to the threat, forces fired at (the) main instigators,” the spokeswoman said.

Palestinian hospital officials said one man was killed and five were wounded by the Israeli gunfire.

Israeli forces regularly carry out raids against suspected militants and arms caches in the West Bank, land the Palestinians want for a future state.

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