Repatriation of displaced families to continue despite snowfall


The strategy for the return of displaced people of North Waziristan Agency from Khost province of Afghanistan has been changed due to heavy snowfall on return routes, according to Assistant Political Agent Anwar Khan Sherani.

Sherani said on Saturday that only the procedure of their repatriation has been changed to facilitate the returning families and that there would be no halt to their return.

Previously the plan was to bring back 200 families daily.

“Only 685 displaced families reached Bakakhel camp in North Waziristan in the first phase of repatriation due to bad weather and other problems,” Sherani said. “We had initially planned to bring back 200 families daily and 2,000 people in the first phase, but the plan didn’t work. We only managed to bring up to 80 families a day,” he added.

He said that checking luggage takes a lot of time and returning families also don’t arrive on the specific dates assigned to them, causing delays.

The assistant political agent said that all returning families should come dates specified for them.

He said that the schedule of return has been given to the elders in Khost and that the families that arrived at unscheduled dates will be returned from the border.