Indian actress Parul Yadav attacked by stray dogs in Mumbai


MUMBAI: Indian actress Parul Yadav, who is well known face of Tamil and Kannada audiences, has got injured when she was attacked by stray dogs in Mumbai.

The incident happened when she was walking  with her pet near her apartment in suburbs of Mumbai.

The dogs attacked her when she tried to save her pet by them. Shockingly, no one came to actress rescue.

Parul Yadav sustained multiple bites with severe wounds on her face, neck and legs. She was later admitted in a local hospital.

It is heard that she has a 3 inch deep cut on her head.

She has acted in number of hit movies like ‘Bachchan’, ‘Uppi2’, ‘Vaastu Prakara’, and ‘Killing  Veerappan’  — it was her debut in Telugu movies and Bollywood.

She is gearing up for the Kannada remake of Bollywood movie ‘Queen’ starring Kangana Ranuat.