Meryl Streep breaks own record with 20th Oscar nomination


US actress Meryl Streep on Tuesday was nominated for her 20th Academy Award, making her the most-nominated performer in Oscars history and maintaining her reign as the queen of Hollywood.

The 67-year-old actress was nominated for best actress for her role in comedy biopic “Florence Foster Jenkins,” which tells the story of a singing socialite in New York.

Streep broke her own record with Tuesday’s nomination — 16 for best actress and four for the best-supporting actress. Actors Katharine Hepburn and Jack Nicholson tie for second with 12 nominations each.

Her nomination delighted social media users, who called it a fitting rebuke to President Donald Trump.

Trump described Streep as “overrated” after she denounced him at the Golden Globes ceremony earlier this month before he took office.

The actress, who has also been nominated a record 30 times for the Golden Globes, reacted with a GIF on Tuesday featuring her dancing for joy in footage from a past film.

Fans, meanwhile, took to social media to congratulate Streep.

“This actress is so overrated that she broke her own record with a 20th #Oscar nom. Sad! #MerylStreep,” said Annie Clark on Twitter.

Stella Rouse quipped in another Twitter message that Tuesday’s nomination was “yet further proof of #alternativefacts that she is overrated.”

Streep got her first nomination for an Oscar in 1979 for her performance in the Vietnam war drama “The Deer Hunter.”

She extended her lead as the most-nominated actor ever with her 19th nod in 2015 for “Into the Woods.”

She has won the coveted golden statue three times, most recently in 2012 as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.” Before that she won in 1980 for “Kramer v. Kramer” and 1983 for “Sophie’s Choice.”