Land allotment to Gen Raheel Sharif purely on merit


There is nothing unusual about the allocation of agriculture land to General (retd) Raheel Sharif, according to defence officials. They said the allocation of land is purely based on merit as per the existing rules and regulations of the army. The land allocation is for agriculture purposes only and not for any commercial/business venture. Agriculture land is allocated to all ranks of Pak Army close to retirement on merit based on service and seniority. Even, Havildars and Subedars are also allocated minimum 12 to 24 acres. READ MORE: Gen Raheel says he is being singled out The land is mostly allocated close to the border area. The land allocated to General (retd) Raheel is within five km of Lahore border. There is a precedence of previous army chiefs allocated the same amount of land in other border areas.  The same applies to other services. Even senior civil servants get land allocations for cultivation purposes on retirement.