Cold wave continues: Rain, snowfall to grip parts of the country this week


LAHORE:Cold wave caused by moderate rain and snowfall will grip different parts of the country on Tuesday (today).

The Met Department has forecast more rains and snow till Thursday.

According to the met office, more rain with snowfall over the hills is expected at isolated places in Malakand, Hazara, Peshawar, Mardan, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore divisions, Islamabad, upper FATA, Kashmir & Gilgit-Baltistan. Very cold and dry weather is expected in other parts of the country.

Rainfall recorded during last 12 hours: Dir 35mm, Quetta 29mm, Parachinar 20mm, Dir 13mm, Chitral 12mm, Saidu Sharif 10mm, Zhob and Peshawar 4mm.

The temperature of some major cities recorded on Tuesday morning was:

Islamabad 11°C, Lahore 10°C, Karachi 15°C, Peshawar 12°C, Quetta and Gilgit 5°C, Murree 3°C and Muzaffarabad 8°C.

Today’s Lowest Minimum Temperatures:

Skardu -09°C, Parachinar -07°C, Kalat, Malamjabba, Gupis -06°C, Astore, Bagrote -03°C.