NFC Award to be announced after census: Baligh


Minister of State for Interior and Narcotics Control Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman Friday informed the Senate that National Finance Commission Award will be announced after holding a census in 2017, in consultation and with the consensus of all provinces.

Winding up discussion on the motion on NFC Award 2016, the minister said that it is a routine practice to announce an NFC award with the consensus of all the provinces.

He said NFC award meetings are being held regularly with the participation of all nominated members of provinces. He said that there should be consensus on holding of NFC award meeting after every five years.

The minister supported the suggestion of forming a provincial finance commission with the consultation of provinces. He added this idea will help address issues of provinces.

He said there was always room for improvement and assured that an appropriate formula will be decided with the consensus in NFC award after the census.

He said that the Federal Consolidated Fund and other funds are being collected in an appropriate manner by the government.

Senator Azam Swati said that though KP remained at the frontline in war on terror, its grants in NFC award were not appropriate. He added more focus should be paid on the implementation of NFC award.

Senator Mohsin Leghari pointed out the non-seriousness of provinces regarding tax and revenue collection. It is only possible with the collection of taxes and revenues, he added. He said, unfortunately, KP government lags in revenue collection at 42.14 per cent, unlike Balochistan government which is better than other provinces in tax collection and has achieved set targets.

Senator Taj Haider said that there should be no further delay in NFC award as it was the demand of all provinces. He added proper sharing of resources is essential which is only possible through NFC award.