Medical mafia importing substandard raw material from neighbouring countries


LAHORE: Medical mafia is selling counterfeit drugs across Pakistan by importing inexpensive and substandard raw material from neighbouring countries India and Iran.

Doctors and staff of health department are also involved in this illicit practice whereas private and public hospitals are preferring counterfeit medicines over original ones in order to maximise their profits.

A committee was constituted on directions of Punjab CM after emergence of spurious stents. Committee’s report revealed that medical mafia is pouring fake drugs in market by exploiting names of big companies whereas heavy bribe is being offered to authorities concerned to keep their mouth hush.

Report further narrated that an injection with production cost of Rs25 to 30 was being sold in market at price of Rs300 to 500.

Injection ceftriaxone sodium, Cefixime, Diclofenac, Clarithromycin, Glimepiride, Sitagliptin, Vildagliptin, Moxifloxacin are names of some drugs of whom bogus products are being found in excess in market.

Lahori market of provincial capital is hub of substandard drugs from where these counterfeit products are supplied across Pakistan.

An indiscriminate operation has been initiated against substandard and counterfeit drug makers whereas quality of medicines is being tested in local and international laboratories, said Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Khawaja Imran Nazir.