Male politicians’ remarks against women in assemblies reflect society’s ethical, moral decay: Imran Khan tweets


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday reacted on a verbal quarrel between a woman member of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional, Nusrat Sehr Abbasi and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Minister, Imdad Pitafi in the Sindh Assembly saying such obscene remarks by male legislators against women members in assemblies reflected ethical and moral decay of the society in Pakistan.

He tweeted that the religion of Islam rejects such remarks as they were against its basic teachings and global ethical norms.

On Friday, a disturbing and highly derogatory exchange of words happened on the floor of the Sindh Assembly when Nusrat Sehr Abbasi put a question to Imdad Pitafi but she received a bizarre invitation to his chamber.

Soon, another PPP lawmaker Nawab Muhammad Taimur Talpur, educated in the UK, started taunting Nusrat Sehr Abbasi while the rest of the house watched the episode as silent spectators and at times bursting into laughter.

To everyone’s surprise, provincial Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah was also present in the house when this was happening with nonchalant expressions on his face.

A similar noisy incident happened last year in the National Assembly when Defence Minister Khawaja Asif made offensive remarks against PTI’s Shireen Mazari.


  1. This is democracy and respect for women ppp style.
    They are little more thennthe gropers that roam the streets
    If this is what you mean by saving democracy then keep it it is not wanted
    if this is the respect you have for women that you tell them to come to your rooms and the ppp find it a source of amusment then you may represent ppp but you dont represent decent people.

  2. Moral decay and rot of ethics is a result of decades of void of rule of law, absence of justice, no rules, no norms, no values and no red lines. Pakistan's culture and mindset is honed by primitive human propensity for might is right, all for themselves against all the others, in their quest for the fulfillment of their desires and vested interest, by hook or crook and by means fair or foul.

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