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Japanese girl marries Pakistani boy in Khanpur

KHANPUR: Japanese woman who found her true love in Pakistan tied the knot with her beloved Pakistani here the other day.

Khanpur’s 29-year old Ahmed Anwar befriended a Japanese lady, Mariya Adlan, on social media website Facebook nine months back. Their friendship turned into a romance soon.

She reached Khanpur and received a warmly by Anwar’s relatives. She converted to Islam and changed her name to Mariya Ahmed to marry with Ahmed.

Her Rasm-e-Henna was held on Wednesday night at her in-laws house. She had applied henna to her hands in Rasm-e-Henna as the participating girls in the ceremony sung wedding songs.

Close family members and friends of the bridegroom celebrated the joyous occasion.

Mariya said that she will fulfill her responsibilities as a daughter-in-law of the family.


  1. Major said:

    why should some one change their faith, just to marry a partner. Faith is a very personal matter. To me this is wrong.

    • Nouman said:

      Well for muslims it is complusory but nin muslims it is not.second thing you have to accept islam for allah not for others i mean if some one loves another for his/her sake he/she accept islam then it means he didn't accepted islam but for just to marry him/her thats why he/she will do i seen many cases like that before but only few ones remains happy why because of several reasons as imentioned above was one of those reasons so may allah give her and him real hadayah and for all human beings.may bless both of them with happiness and prosperity.

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