Bobby Deol talks about being trolled on ‘turning DJ’


Bollywood actor Bobby Deol has been mercilessly trolled on turning DJ. It is one of the many examples of how brutal social media can be. Last year, Bobby turned DJ at a Delhi nightclub and reportedly played songs from his movie Gupt at the event. Internet ignominy followed, unsurprisingly.

Bobby has now opened up about what exactly transpired, Pinkvilla reported. “I love music but I’m not a DJ. But people went crazy on social media, trolling and making fun of it. But what do you do? You go for an event and if you’re the actor, you are going to play your music. You are not going to play some other actor’s songs. In fact, I wasn’t playing my songs, the DJ was. I was the star there and everybody was there to see Bobby Deol,” the Soldier star said.

“It was one of those things that you agree to do and then realise it has been blown out of proportion. It was something I did and have forgotten about now,” he added.

“People only want to put you down and that’s how it (social media) works. It happens to every actor, not just me. So it’s cool,” Bobby said.