Including traffic laws in school curriculum

Recently, the City Traffic Police (CTP) announced that they would begin awareness campaigns regarding the use of helmet and seat belt via lectures in schools and colleges. In the last few decades, several people have died due to the violations of the traffic laws. Among them, the youth are also suffering several accidents. If the traffic rules and laws will be included in the syllabus of the schools and the colleges, then they can be successful in protecting the lives of the youth. Today, no one is aware about the rules and laws of traffic which are causing deaths in road accidents. It is an appreciated effort by the CTP to decrease the accidents and it should be supported by all leaders. I request the concerned authorities to introduce this traffic law in all the provinces of the country because if from childhood the children will learn the traffic laws, then they will not suffer, the traffic police will not face any problem and there will be no more accidents.
Sana Khan