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Around 300 families of NWA repatriated from Afghanistan

Around 300 families of North Waziristan Agency have been repatriated from the Khost province of Afghanistan and returned via Ghulam Khan border.

According to the officials, 131 male, 180 women and 305 children were included, while 145 more families arrived yesterday evening, which will stay there and will be sent to Baka Khel camp of temporary displaced persons (TDPs), officials said.

Some of these families have already crossed into Pakistan via the Ghulam Khan border in North Waziristan, while the others are on their way, said an official of the FDMA.

Due to continued snow falling and harsh weather conditions in Khost, the returned tribesmen were facing difficulties.

North Waziristan’s Political agent Kamran Afridi, Bannu division Commissioner Kamran Zeb, officials of the FDMA and security forces welcomed the returning tribesmen upon their arrival to Pakistani territory.

Sources said that the vehicles, in which the tribesmen were being brought, were returned to Afghanistan, while the political administration has arranged transportation for the displaced people for their onward movement to their respective hometowns.

Officials hoped that all the displaced families would return to Baka Khel camp in Bannu from the Ghulam Khan tehsil by Tuesday evening.

According to official figures, about 9,000 families from the North Waziristan agency had migrated to Afghanistan after the launch of operation Zarb-e-Azb.

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