UK, US statements on missing persons ‘extremely inappropriate’: Rabbani


Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani on Monday said the statements of US State Department and the British government about recent missing persons in Pakistan were inappropriate.

“I understand the statements of the State Department and the British government about missing persons in Pakistan were extremely inappropriate,” he observed in the house.

“It is our internal affair, and we are facing and looking into it. These governments have no right to comment on our internal affairs,” he added.

The chairman took exception of double standards of these governments and said both of these governments remained silent on gross human rights violations in India-occupied Kashmir (IOK) and Palestine.
“These countries remained silent on missing persons in IoK and extra-judicial killing of innocent persons in Kashmir and Palestine,” he added.

The chairman said, “The issue of missing persons is our issue. We shall deal with it and would not allow any external government to meddle in our affairs.”

Raza Rabbani said playing up such incidents in “our countries clearly manifest the Brahman, Jewish and white racial mindset” because they close their eyes when it comes to brutalities in IoK and Palestine but meddle in Pakistan’s affairs.

On the other hand, Interior Minister Baligh-ur-Rehman said all out efforts were being made by the police to get some information about the five missing persons.

Informing the latest situation on the matter, the minister said police were in touch with the agencies and continuously working on the issue, however, there was no progress on the matter so far.

He said that Islamabad police have collected mobile phone and camera records of two missing persons.

He said the Punjab police have also adopted a similar method to get information about three missing persons—like collecting the record of mobile phones and cameras.

He said the police received eyewitness information from two persons regarding Salman Haider, while another missing person, Samar Abbas, came from Karachi and was in Islamabad that day.

He added that Ramna police station registered an FIR regarding Samar Abbas’ disappearance on the basis of an SMS from sector G-11/3.