Pakistan fourth largest milk producing country in world


Pakistan ranks fourth in the world with 42 million tonnes production of milk every year but remains far below in exports of dairy products when compared with its contemporary counterparts, reported Roznama Dunya on Monday.

The US tops the list followed by India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany, Russia, France, New Zealand and Turkey.

Pakistan is surplus in milk production but it is least commercial enterprise due to lack of proper planning in collection, transportation and distribution chains.

Millions of litres of milk is wasted on daily basis due to the absence of value addition method and processing facilities.

Major milk producing animals are buffaloes contributing about 73 percent to a total milk production followed by cows at 24 percent and four percent by goat and sheep, respectively.

The dairy sector contributes 11pc in Pakistan’s gross national income whereas the business volume of world’s largest dairy company equals 11pc Pakistan’s gross national income.

Analysts say Pakistan must strive to earn its place in the international market in accordance with its size and production. They urged the government to take immediate measures for the betterment of dairy sector at earliest.