Ghani alleges Afghan attackers recruit, operate in Pakistan


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani told Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa that the recent attacks in Afghanistan were carried out by militants who “lived, were recruited and operated freely in Pakistan and no action was taken against them,” a Presidential Palace statement said on Monday.

The allegations were made during a telephone call made by Army Chief Qamar Bajwa to Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani to condole the loss of lives in recent terror attacks.

The military’s media wing, Inter-Services Public Relations, said General Bajwa also offered intelligence cooperation and border management to stop illegal cross-border movement.

Army Chief reiterated Pakistan’s cooperation with Afghan government and people to eliminate the scourge of terrorism which is affecting peace and stability of the whole region.

“In his telephonic talk, President Ghani vowed to take revenge from the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks and said his country is ready to ensure security of his country,” a statement from Ghani’s office said.

“He again described terrorism and extremism as a serious threat for the region and the world and said that lack of determination to fight against the common threat could pose dangers to Pakistan itself and the region,” the statement posted on the Afghan president’s website added.



  1. The terrorists have sanctuaries in both countries, used as proxies by the high and mighty that pretend to sit on moral high horse to conduct acts of terror against one another. The preferred way is to come to a workable agreement taking in to account one anthers political and security issues, where by both countries can do what is necessary to destroy the sanctuaries and the terrorists with them. Sadly this hasn't materialized despite numerous efforts. There is just one alternative, forget about the blame game which solves nothing, each country to secure it's side of the border to the best of its capability to stop infiltration from the side. Under such a scenario, blame game gives way to failure to secure one's own border.

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