Errand boy turned rapper is the next king of Pakistani rap


We know that Pakistan is brimming with talent. Due to the acute shortage of befitting platforms, much of this talent used to go unrecognised. But, things have been changing for the better. Music streaming service Patari has been playing a pivotal role in this connection.

Abid Brohi, an errand boy from Sibi in Balochistan, recently took the internet by storm due to his vocal prowess. A now viral video features the boy splendidly rapping in Sindhi, Balochi and Urdu.

As Abid raps to his heart’s content, his phenomenal talent coupled with his exceptional confidence leaves one begging for more. Abid, who used to do odd jobs around Sibi and would often find temporary employment at the DCO’s residence during the famous Sibi Mela, has come a long way. Who would have thought that the boy who used to serve refreshments at the festival would become a famous rapper one day?

Documentary filmmaker Raza Shah spotted Abid covering the festival and asked the boy to show him around. A few months later, Abid was recording at a Lahore story. The Sibbi Song is the culmination of that journey.

Patari, Pakistan’s premier music streaming platform, recently announced the launch of its much-awaited Tabeer series. The project pairs up raw, unsung artists across Pakistan with established producers to make exciting music. It debuted with the online release of The Sibbi Song.