China enhances convergence of geo-strategic interests with Pakistan


 ISLAMABAD: China is working to expand convergence of interests with more countries including Pakistan and aiming to form communities of common destiny on a bilateral basis.

Many years ago, China envisaged the world where people live in perfect harmony and are as dear to one another as a family.

Today, President Xi Jinping has given the world a new name — a community of common destiny, reports Chinese media on Monday, quoting official sources.

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Since Xi first proposed the concept in late 2012, it has gone on to shape China’s approach to global governance, giving rise to proposals and measures to support growth for all.

There is the new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation, and the Belt and Road Initiative set out to better connect the world. Xi has also come up with a new security concept that is designed to pool efforts to build universal, sustainable and comprehensive security.

“The concept of a community of common destiny transcends all sorts of differences in human society and targets greatest possible benefits for all,” said a researcher with the China Institute of International Studies Tang Qifang.

At the United Nations Office at Geneva on Jan. 18, Xi will deliver a keynote speech on building such a community, sending the message again that China is fully committed to creating “one home for all of the mankind,” as Xi called it in his 2017 New Year speech.

“This is a very advanced notion born out of changing world conditions, and an embodiment of the Chinese aspiration to share peace and development with the world,” Tang said.

In his first diplomatic activity as China’s top leader in late 2012, Xi shared his perception that “the world has increasingly grown into a community where one’s destiny is interwoven with that of another.” The concept came up time and again in his speeches over the years that followed.

According to Xi’s vision, our future lies in the hands of all countries — equally — and all nations should pursue dialogue rather than confrontation with one another, and forge partnerships instead of alliances.

It has also approached nations in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East to develop similar communities by pushing forward win-win cooperation.

In the course of pursuing equal partnerships, China has actively participated in reforming the global governance system by addressing unreasonable and unjust aspects of the system.

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