266,000 Pakistanis deported worldwide in last three years


At least 266, 000 Pakistanis were deported from different countries in the last three years.

Furthermore, 19,476 Pakistanis were deported from UAE, 10,505 from Malaysia, 5,121 from Turkey, 4,959 from Greece, 6,939 from UK, 1,369 from South Africa, 880 from Thailand, 532 from Russia, 700 from Bahrain, 368 from Kuwait, 449 from Germany, 413 from Sri Lanka, 27 from India, 242 from Spain, 88 from Australia, 195 from Canada, 175 from Iran, 133 from China and 7400 Pakistanis were deported from Oman on different charges.

Pakistanis were also deported from Belgium, Uganda, Libya, Yemen, Singapore, Bangladesh, Singapore, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Philippine, Japan, Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Tanzania, Belarus, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Scotland, Nepal, Hungary, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Malta, Finland, Panama, Switzerland and other countries.



  1. Expect first batch of deported pakis in March, more from UK and from USA.
    Further there would be stringent check for all visas originating from Pakistan

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