Higher education department provides laptops to 54 Sikh students


The Provincial Higher Education minister Syed Raza Ali Gillani and the Provincial Minorities Affairs Minister Tahir Khalil Sindhu distributed laptops to 54 boy and girls of the Sikh community at Nankana Sahib on Saturday. Sikh community leaders were also present on the occasion.

“The Punjab government has introduced holistic reforms in the higher education sector to elevate it to international standards. Promotion of information technology is one such step which has helped students improve their intellectual ken. The provision of laptops to the students has proved fruitful, as it has enabled them to remain abreast with new developments in the studies. This facility has manifestly increased the learning potentials of students and empowered them intellectually,” the minister said.

In his address, Raza Gillani said that equitable access to information technology is the first step towards achieving the goal of a technology-driven knowledge-economy. “Information technology serves as the foundation for the academic development of the institutions as it supports new advances and approaches to teaching and learning, and provides new capabilities in research. The information technology also helps determine future directions and provides understanding on how technology can best support both research and academic sides of the institution,” he added.

Provincial Minorities Affairs Minister Tahir Khalil Sindhu also spoke on the occasion and asked the students to make correct use of this facility to perform better in their studies.