Raees to be banned?


SRK had a deal with Sena that his Pakistani co-star won’t actively participate in Raees’s promotional exchange for a peaceful release.

However, film exhibitors in central Indian state Chhattisgarh are now receiving threats from Shiv Sena.

Sena has sent a threat letter to the exhibitors in Durg and Bhilai warning to not screen Raees in their theatres, failing which they will be solely responsible for the consequences.

One of the exhibitors said that the letter’s subject reads a request for a ban on Raees. Moreover, the letter asks all exhibitors to not screen any ‘deshdrohi’s film’ and if the cinema owners do so, they will be solely responsible for all the consequences.

Exhibitors have to take threats of disruption seriously.

When PK was released, one of the cinemas in Bhilai was seriously vandalised and the damage cost them Rs6 lacs. Dilwale too has not yet released in Durg.

Even if one cinema gets vandalised, people who want to watch the film will get scared and prefer staying at home and buying pirated copies which will affect the industry.

The threats have been reported to the police and the exhibitors plan to approach the Chief Minister for the smooth release of the film.