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PFA in action against food adulterators

Punjab Minister for Food Bilal Yasin in an ongoing crackdown against factories producing substandard food raided several factories during his visit to Faisalabad. The minister ordered to seal a candy factory and a chilly factory on taking a notice of adulteration, use of substandard food material, forgery and the unhygienic environment in these factories.  He also directed the concerned officials to register cases against the owners of these factories and, imposed a fine of Rs 6 lac on two restaurants for the violation of Pure Food Act.

According to details, the minister ordered to seal the factory at Maqbool road and arrest the owner Muhammad Iqbal over unhygienic conditions and use of substandard food materials in manufacturing candies and toffees.

Meanwhile, the minister went to Ayub Colony and raided a chilly factory.  During the inspection it was found that adulteration was being done in the chilly, the factory was sealed and a case was registered against the owner.

In another raid, he inspected the kitchens of local restaurants at Akbarabad Chowk near Allied Hospital and found stale food in freezers and unhygienic conditions in the kitchens. The minister took serious notice of the use of substandard food colours, spices and other ingredients of the food and the fine of Rs. 5 lac was imposed on the owners of Shaharyar and Rs.1 lac on the owners of Al Khayyam restaurants.  Later, Bilal Yasin inspected the Oil and Ghee Mills at Samundri road and gave notice to the management of the Ghee Mill for the improvement according to the instructions of Punjab Food Authority.

Bilal Yasin while talking to the media said that under the leadership of Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the Punjab government has been committed to rooting out the menace of adulteration in food and drastic steps were being taken to bring the adulteration mafia into the clutches of the law.

Punjab Food Authority Director Operation Lubna, Deputy Director Shahbaz Sarwar, food safety officers and other staff also accompanied the minister at the press conference.

He said that it was a mission of the government to provide pure food to the people and the eateries, restaurants, food factories, food centres had also been given relaxation period to improve the conditions and to refrain from the use of substandard food items and now after the grace period the operations are being conducted.

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