New cyber laws: Peanut Pik versus Sooper now only acceptable online debate topic



In an effort to limit the negative online propaganda done against state agencies the government has limited the space of acceptable debate to discussing whether Peanut Pik biscuits are better than Sooper biscuits.

“We are a democracy and will encourage all sort of debate within the country, so we will not limit debate beyond a certain point,” said Hassan Bhatti, an intelligence spokesperson. “It is to that end that we have left open the space of debate between these two EBM biscuits.”

“Yes, we understand that it is two biscuits of the same brand, but I feel this country is not yet ready for a full-on confrontation between the supporters of EBM’s Peak Freans and LU,” he continued. “Our freedoms should be tailored to our own cultural values because there is gay marriage in America and low child birth rates in Japan.”

“I think we know what happens when you allow debate on all issues. We can never have that.”

When several reporters asked whether this was in accordance with democratic norms, they were escorted out of the press hall. Despite many attempts, Khabaristan Today and its sister concern Pakistan Today were not able to contact those reporters.