‘Departmental collaboration vital for solution of women rights issues’


Ministry of Human Rights Secretary Rabiya Javeri Agha said the human rights issues require collaboration among concerned organisations for long-term solutions of women rights issues in the society.

Addressing the inaugural session of two-day capacity building training of prosecutors and courts officials on Thursday, she said that women constitute almost 50 per cent of our population, so progress could not be made without ensuring conducive environment for them which is free of exploitation, abuse and violence.”

She said the ministry is committed to protection and promotion of Human Rights with a special focus on women rights.

The workshop titled, ‘devising and putting forth women centred laws and capacity building of prosecutors and court officials’, is being organised by Ministry of Human Rights in collaboration with Aurat Foundation, a non-government organisation.

She said the ministry would continue such endeavours to sensitise the relevant stakeholders and duty bearers for joint efforts. Ministry of Human Rights Joint Secretary Humera Azam Khan shared the key points of the gender equity programme.

She briefed that the project has been launched to sensitise the concerned officials on gender related issues and laws so that they may be able to better respond to gender-based violence.

She said the ministry would conduct 12 capacity building workshops in various selected districts and Ministry of Human Rights has been working to harmonise legislation, regulations and practices with the international human rights covenants and agreements to which Pakistan is a party and monitoring their implementation, besides fostering public awareness of human rights, laws and remedies available against human rights violation.

Aurat Foundation deputy chief Mahpara Ghauri emphasised that cooperation between the government and civil society needs to be further enhanced, and added that women-related issues are multi-dimensional which require consistent efforts by the government and civil society.

Various legal and technical experts of the Ministry of Human Rights delivered presentations on specific themes and responded to queries raised by the participants.