“Bik gai gormint” lady appointed as PTI lead counsel



In an effort to better argue its case in the Panama hearings at the Supreme Court, the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf has moved towards its third counsel, the “Bik gaee hai gormint” lady from Karachi.

Mrs. BGG, as she is known, brings with her a long history of effective articulation and argumentation.

An LLB from Karachi University, she has been an active and vocal activist on local issues and has gained nationwide fame for being outspoken about her views on local issues.

“We did the math and found out that she was the best fit for us,” said Naeem-ul-Haq, party spokesperson. “Her style of argumentation, the rigour of her thinking process, everything just syncs up with who we are.”

It has not been a smooth ride, however. Shortly after being hired, there had been some unpleasantness with senior party leader Shireen Mazari.

“I had asked her to better prepare her briefs before going to court tomorrow. And she rubbished my suggestion with the sort of language that…I haven’t heard before,” said Mazari, reaching out for a box of tissues. “I mean koi hadd hoti hai.

Political analysts predict that there is going to be a leadership crisis in the future as party chairman Imran Khan is expected to feel a little insecure about the popularity of the new counsel in the rank and file of the party owing to her charisma.


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