SEPA shuts down 4 industrial units over environmental standards


The Sindh Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) shuts down the production processes of 4 industrial units in Hyderabad SITE area on Wednesday under the charges of violation of the environmental regulations.

SEPA’s Regional Director Munir Ahmed Abbassi informed the APP that a beverages factory, a pharmaceutical company and 2 paper mills had been closed.

According to the regional director, SEPA repeatedly served notices to those factories asking them to install in-house effluent treatment plants and to bring the house keeping with the environmental standards, but those factories continued to defy SEPA’s warnings which prompted the agency to take action.

Abbassi further informed that SEPA would also shut down 3 factories in Kotri SITE area in Jamshoro district by Wednesday evening.

According to him, those factories include manufacturers of copper wire, raw oil and a rice mill.