PM Nawaz announces Rs180bn package to boost exports


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Tuesday (today) announced an attractive package of incentives of Rs 180 billion to boost exports.


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Addressing the Prime Minister’s Trade Enhancement conference in Islamabad, the premier said, “Bhasha Dam will be the largest dam of the country and will produce 4500 megawatts of electricity.”

He further stated that previously, unemployment was on a rise in Pakistan due to shortage of power, however, he announced, that is no longer the case. “Overcoming gas and power shortage is our top priority,” PM Nawaz said.

“Instead of resolving national issues, previous regimes only created new ones. They should be held accountable for negligence and poor performance.”

“When we took over the country’s economy was in shambles. With our efforts, the economy is now showing signs of revival,” said the premier, adding that dozens of power plants are being set up across the country.

The premier urged media outlets across Pakistan to refrain from misguiding the masses. “I believe in freedom of press. But, I also believe in healthy criticism,” he said, adding that “The government’s flaws should be pointed out so we can amend our mistakes, however, the motive of media houses should not be to only criticise and demean the government.”

Urging the media to be more responsible, the premier said several times people have come up to him and said, “We spend the day working in our offices thinking we’re doing a good job and the country is progressing, however, when we turn to news channels in the evening, it feels as if Pakistan is moving backwards, ” he said.