Pakistan- The Fastest Growing Muslim Economy in 2017


According to ‘The Economist magazine’ the financial indicators published suggest that Pakistan is the fastest growing Muslim economy of the world.

Pakistan’s estimated GDP growth – 5.3% – is also ahead of 4% GDP growth of Israel. This makes Pakistan world’s fifth fastest-growing economy in the world, only behind India and China and two other countries.

The live data, which is updated twice-daily, is published on The Economist website in the form of an interactive table of economic and financial indicators. This data reinforces a Harvard University study which predicted Pakistan to grow by more than 5% in the next decade.

The 2017 forecast of 5.3% growth is, however, lower than the 2016’s 5.7% forecasted growth rate, which means Finance Minister Ishaq Dar must take steps to put economy on the path of irreversible growth.

In 2014, The Economist had forecasted Pakistan to be world’s sixth fastest-growing country.

This year, the four world economies ahead of us are: India (7.5%), Vietnam (6.6%), China (6.4%), and Philippines (6.4%). And we are ahead of large Muslim economies such as: Indonesia (5.2%), Malaysia (4.6%), Egypt (4.0%), and Turkey (2.9%).

All of these countries except Malaysia are going to be among the top 20 economies in the world in 2050.


  1. Misleading news.Even if Muslim economies are considered, Bangladesh would be the fastest with 6.5% forcast. And projection for Pakistan economy is 5.3% in FY 18.

    • Probably they are talking about the major to middle size economy , Bangladesh though growing at 6.5% but is relatively lower middle economy , like Iraq , Mongolia, Macau all which are expected to grow by more than 8% but not included as they are comparatively small.

      • BD economy 2016 is $230 billion with 6.5% projected growth while Pakistan's economy is $280 billion (estimated 2016). So there is a difference of just 50 billions which I think does not make BD a much lower than Pakistan.

  2. 2015-2016 Export from Bangladesh was 37.1 billion dollars whereas Pakistan's export was only 20.8 billion dollars.

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