LUMS students to make journey from library to cafeteria on foot to raise awareness for environment


    A group of students from LUMS have pledged to trek all the way from the library to the campus cafeteria to the Pepsi Dining Hall completely on foot to raise awareness for the environment.

    “We thought it shouldn’t be just a small little march but a lengthy trek,” said Rafay Chawla, lead organiser. “Oh my God, I think it is going to be like the Salt March of this century.”

    When asked how well-prepared they were to completely the journey, he said that the trek had been planned out and that, given the length of the journey, there were going to be several pit-stops along the way.

    “To help our awareness drive financially, each of these seven pit stops have been sponsored by corporate clients as part of their Corporate Social Responsiblity programs,” said Chawla.

    “They are Shell, Caltex, PSO, Attock Petroleum, Total, Chevron and Dhuaan Enterprises. A big shout out to them.”


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