Difae-e-Momina-Mustehsan Council claims responsibility for attack on Mubasher Lucman


    Banned outfit Difae-e-Momina-Mustehsan Council has claimed responsibility for the attack on TV pundit Mubasher Lucman.

    “We did this attack for the idiot’s outrageous statements,” read out a circular obtained by Khabaristan Today, referring to a recent program by the talk show host, in which he included the breakout sensation in his list of awful singers of the year.

    “This heretic shall have to pay for his transgressions,” continued the statement.

    This is the latest in the series of attacks by the DMMC. Sporadically spread out and directed at the internet critics of the singer, till the attack on Mubasher Lucman, no public figure had been targeted.

    “We could not reach the location in time,” said SSP CTD Saleem Shinwari. “A five-member crack squad of the DMMC attacked the vehicle of Mr Lucman and kidnapped him.”

    “The purpose was not to kill him but make him suffer a fate worse than death: they made him listen on a loop the cover of ‘Summer Wine’ that he himself had sung a year ago,” he continued. “That, too, with the parts sung by Aima Baig taken out.”

    “Mr Lucman is in intense psychiatric care at Jinnah Hospital at the moment and has made several attempts to commit suicide. We wish you all to pray for him.”

    Lucman’s family, when contacted, urged the public not to pray for him.