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Altaf issues ‘last’ welcome back call to dissidents

There were reports that Muttaheda Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder-leader Altaf Hussain issued a ‘last’ comeback call to the dissident party workers and leaders ahead of January 21 rally, reliable sources claimed.

As per sources, London-based party leaders called disgruntled party leaders and informed them that the founder has given them a last chance to return back to the party.

It may be pertinent to mention here that MQM-Pakistan Convener Dr Farooq Sattar along with almost all elected members of the National and Provincial assemblies parted ways with Altaf Hussain after his August 22, 2016, anti-state speech.

An uncomfortable atmosphere prevailed in the quarters of Muttaheda Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) following the announcement of a rally in the city this month by the MQM-London (MQM-L).

An inside discussion was going on that whether announced rally would be held in the metropolis on as per announced schedule or not.

A parallel discussion was also going on that who will participate in this rally if it is held. As per sources, the London-based leadership had made a contact with all the leaders of the MQM-P and conveyed them the decision taken by the founder ahead of January 21 rally.

London-based party leaders had announced a rally on January 21 from Aysha Manzil to Mazar-e-Quaid in response to MQM-Pakistan public gathering at Nishtar Park on December 30.

Requesting anonymity, MQM-Pakistan MNA told this scribe that he has been approached by London-based party leadership and informed him about welcome back decision of Altaf Hussain. “I am looking into the offer and discussing it with the like-minded friends,” the MNA maintained.

When he was asked about rejoining Altaf Hussain, he claimed except Dr Farooq Sattar and few others, all disgruntled party leaders and workers are considering seriously rejoining founder leader on an appropriate time.

MQM-Pakistan member Coordination Committee Ameen-ul Haque when approached for confirmation of such reports, he didn’t deny such reports but maintained that he had no information in this regard.

Haque added that Farooq Sattar is working for the betterment of Mohajirs in Pakistan and Pakistan, and all the elected members of the  assemblies not only have trust in Dr Sattar leadership but they are also in a regular contact with him.

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One Comment;

  1. S.R.H. Hashmi said:

    Instead of getting off the back of MQM-Pakistan leadership, Altaf Hussain is reported to have given them a last 'comeback' call , asking them to re-join MQM-London, under his leadership.
    It is no doubt true that Altaf Hussain has devoted almost his whole life to the Mohajir cause, suffering many hardships in the process, including the killing of his brother and nephew. However, leaders are required to maintain a sober disposition and not to make uncontrolled outburst which serve no purpose but at the same time create unnecessary problems for their followers. Now, we all slip up sometime however with Altaf Hussain, unfortunately it had become almost a regular feature.
    Of course, sitting thousands of miles away, Altaf Hussain could safely stage such disgusting shows – apologising for them the next day – but his controlled outburst created all sorts of problems for his followers in Pakistan with whom the administration's behaviour did not change for the better with his apology.
    Also, most of his followers in Pakistan, while having differeces with the administration over their deprivation, are Pakistanis all-through, who have Pakistan as their ownly country and who want to live and die here. As such, they also felt offended at his anti-Pakistan outbursts.
    By making unsuccessful attempts to regain leadership of the party which he formed and which is the second largest in the province, and also has substantial standing on the national level, it would be a shame if he were to become the direct cause of its further fragmentation, and thus undo all the work he had painstakingly done.
    In these circumstances, the most sensible course for Altaf Hussain would be to announce his retirement from politics. This way, he would still be able to retain the goodwill of people, at least whatever is left of it. He could perhaps go a step further and as a parting favour, endorse the leadership of Dr. Farooq Sattar, to prevent party's further disintegration.

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