Panama case hearing: PM Nawaz’s legal team submits reply to SC’s queries


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s legal team on Thursday (Today) submitted a written reply to court’s questions that were asked in Wednesday’s hearing.

The information about PM Nawaz’s public offices and businesses has also been submitted to the court.

The reply states that the prime minister was provincial finance minister from 1981 to 1985, after which he occupied the office of chief minister Punjab till 1988. During the period of April-May 1988, he was acting chief minister. Till 1990 he was CM Punjab again. He went on become prime minister till 1993 for the first time, and then from 1997 till 1999 he was prime minister for the second time. From 1993 till 1996 he was opposition leader. He was exiled in 2000, and his exile ended 2007.

Meanwhile, during the proceedings PTI’s lawyer Naeem Bukhari asked the bench to discard the Qatar Prince’s letter from the case, as “without the letter it could be proven that the Mayfair flats were bought by the Sharif family”.

Earlier, a five-member larger bench of the Supreme Court had decided to hold Panama Leaks hearing on daily basis and asked key questions from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s lawyer.

The apex court asked the defence lawyer to tell exact date regarding Nawaz Sharif’s appointment as the minister of finance, his selection as Punjab chief minister, appointment as the prime minister and date of his exile.

The bench hinted at tracing any misuse of public office by Nawaz Sharif.

Justice Asif Saeed Khosa stated that the prime minister had claimed in his speech that in 1972 the then government had nationalised the Ittefaq Foundry without giving (his family) a single penny, but where did he get money from to invest in Dubai steel mill.

Justice Khosa observed that an attested letter from Qatari prince, presented in the apex court in November, states that the London flats were owned by the Al Thani family before the Sharif family bought them, however, no record had been presented in the court to show that the Al Thani family used to own the flats.


  1. Labeling fake goods with an established, famous and admired brand does not give them the quality or properties of that admired brand. Pakistani electorate have been voting for decades for the same old fake goods, expecting in return the fruits and rewards of democracy. When and how is this electorate going to come to its senses is the most urgent question that needs to be addressed.

  2. Nawaz sharif, shahzab sharif, the whole family will win the case, they are champion liars and will make fools of the judges. Money talks bullshit walks.

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