‘Chaiwala’ apologises to fans, regretting photoshoots


Tea seller-turned-model Arshad Khan, who appeared in several ads, music videos and now signed a movie, has apologised to all his fans for some of his pictures circulating on social media.

Recently, Khan’s sizzling photo shoot with singer Muskaan Jay went viral which became the talk of the town. The teenage sensation also shot for few portraits by the photographer Azeem Sani for a magazine.

Speaking to a local TV channel, the tea-seller-turned-model maintained that his fans will never see such pictures again and he will also not work in a movie, as moves are angering his family.

“I apologise to all my fans and admirers, it was my mistake to agree for those pictures but my fans will never see me take such sort of pictures in the future,” he added.

Arshad Khan rose to fame with a picture shot by amateur photographer Jiah Khan, since then he has been affectionately called blue-eyed Chaiwala.

Within four days, he became the rising star of Pakistan and has been flooded with different modelling contracts and film offers.