52 human trafficking groups working in Pakistan


An intelligence report has revealed that at least 52 human trafficking groups are active in Pakistan.

These groups hoodwink the youth by promising them a golden future in Europe, but in fact, take them in confinement in Iran, Turkey, Greece, Dubai and South Africa to eventually demand ransom for their release.

They also collect blank cheques from the families of the persons who go abroad with them as the guarantee and blackmail them later on the grounds of legal proceedings.

In last three years, more than hundred people have been recovered from China, Turkey, Greece and Iran after paying the ransom.

Four people were kidnapped for ransom in Turkey not long ago.

Faiz-ul-Hassan and Asad Jeffery, who were killed after being tortured in Moscow recently, had also gone abroad in pursuit of a bright future.

There are also some people in Dubai who still demand ransom from the families of those who were captured there.