Chaiwala’s new music video is out, worse than before


Looks like ‘Chaiwala’ Arshad Khan is so much more than an overnight internet sensation; he is unstoppable.

This time around, Arshad is back in the news but – dare we say – for not the best reasons. He previously featured in the song Chaiwala by Lil Mafia Mundeer and sadly, the new one is much worse than the first.

In Beparwai, singer Muskan Jay is seen romancing 18-year-old Arshad. His co-star looks forlorn, apparently reminiscing about happier times they have shared in the past. The video seems forced and it feels like Arshad is very much out of his comfort zone.

Judging from his performance, it would be wise of Arshad to quickly hire an acting coach.