Pakistan welcomes 2017 with dazzling displays of fireworks


Govt to resolutely pursue national programs, deliver upon all the plans it stands for

People in Pakistan celebrated new year`s eve with traditional passion and zeal. Tremendous celebrations were seen in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities.

Spectacular feats of fireworks at Bahria town Icon Tower in Karachi, Bahria`s Eiffel tower in Lahore and Bahria Enclave in Islamabad were the most prominent of all celebrations held across the country.

The moment when the clock struck 12, fireworks lightened up the skies.

In Karachi, a musical concert of renowned singer Sajjad Ali was organised to celebrate new year`s night which was attended by youngsters in a very large number. At sea view, despite section 144, youngsters arrived at the spot to celebrate. As many as 12 people were detained on the violation of public order, said SSP Saqib Ismail.

Twenty people were injured in aerial firing and fire work incidents on new year night in Karachi despite the ban.

Aerial firing incidents were recorded in areas of Liaquatabad, Defence, Jackson, Orangi Town, Machar Colony, Baldia Town, Lyari, PIB and Kashmir Road.

According to hospital sources, a woman named Afshan also got injured. On the other hand, 13 people, including 2 policemen were arrested for doing the aerial firing.

In a new year`s message to the countrymen, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that the new year will mark a new beginning in the history of Pakistan and vowed to steadfastly pursue his government’s plans for national development.

The prime minister conveyed his good wishes to the nation and prayed that it would bring more happiness and prosperity for Pakistanis.

He said 2017 would surely mark a new beginning in the history of Pakistan as the country had decisively turned a page in history and “significantly overcome the challenges of extremism and terrorism.”

The dawn of 2017, he said, would surely make the nation candidly reflect on the year gone by with a view to analyse the high points and shortcomings experienced in national life.

“The tidings of the New Year will instil in us the prudence to fine tune tenets of our national existence and imbue them with a spirit of tolerance and fortitude,” the PM said in the message released by the PM Office.

“I strongly believe that Pakistan is finally heading towards achieving a not too distant goal of a peaceful land and a developed economy,” he said.

Nawaz Sharif said, “My government is dedicatedly oriented to provide well laid out means for Pakistanis to build upon their well-deserved future plans.”

“It is my earnest wish that the good tidings of New Year usher in a groundswell of selfless national unity, emphatic appreciation of national imperatives and amiable understandings the of national motives.”

“I undertake to resolutely pursue the national programs my government has solemnly undertaken and steadfastly vouch to deliver upon all the plans my government stands for,” the prime minister said.

He hoped that the nation would make the best of the new year.



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