Name is Zardari, Bhutto-Zardari


Is the father-son duo all set to flog a dead (murdered!) horse?


Sorry BBZ, the revolutionary chants and socialist slogans of mid 20th century just don’t ring true to around 63pc of lads and lasses under 25 years of age


“He came, he remain dwarfed by his better half, he was in and out of jail, he scored a release every time , he went into self-exile, his wife got assassinated back home, he returned, he became ‘most powerful man’ in his country, he undid what he achieved, he went abroad, and now he is back once again,” that dearest sirs and ma’ams is one long version of Mr Zardari’s,‘Veni, vidi, vici’.

Done with father. Now, let’s dare to define his son.

In our land bizarre often hugs strange, a perfect example comes in the shape of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. In him we witness most eligible bachelor in town and the most ridiculed politician rolled in one. Don’t know whether folks from rural Sindh hold BBZ in reverence or awe, but the pedestal he occupies in minds, hearts and tongues of younger lot dwelling in urban metropolises and rural cities of Punjab can’t be presented here in any form. All I could say is, the charisma of BBZ is all but lost on many.

Sorry BBZ, the revolutionary chants and socialist slogans of mid 20th century just don’t ring true to around 63pc of lads and lasses under 25 years of age. The fare Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto sold to factory workers and petty farmers was en route to perdition before any of them made appearance on the stage called life.

Enter electoral politics, if summed up in a single statement, is a game of being relevant, staying relevant, and while perpetuating this relevance making sure that it translate into votes. Unfortunately, PPP at present is not vying for the first place with PML-N, it is locking horns for second position with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf that has become the heartthrob for many who want things beyond roti, kapra, makaan. The voter who hails from aspiring gentry and middle-class, dearest sirs and ma’ams, yearns for a bigger home, less trouble with venal officers, tastier burger, pasta and pizza joints and a Pakistan where Europeans and Americans will come to study and settle for good.

PM Nawaz Sharif recently reiterated his commitment to a largely forgotten Charter of Democracy that was signed back in 2006 between PML-N and PPP. The political parties have a lot to learn from the blunders of the past. And those who’ve read it can vouch that CoD is single most significant document signed by two arch political rivals in exile while their workers were shunned by many in the very land they once ruled and reigned.

‘Noting our responsibility to our people to set an alternative direction for the country, saving it from its present predicaments on an economically sustainable, socially progressive, politically democratic and pluralist, federally cooperative, ideologically tolerant, internationally respectable and regionally peaceful basis in the larger interests of the peoples of Pakistan to decide once for all that only the people and no one else has the sovereign right to govern through their elected representatives,’ the soul and the aspirations were aptly summed up in the above excerpt from Charter of Democracy.

Where and how state of affairs stands now and whether anything improved on any count is subject of fierce debate. Where PML-N in Punjab has kept its roots intact and in place, many stalwarts of PPP are reduced to relics of pomp and glory in the province.

Mr Bhutto-Zardari needs to acknowledge that the road to Islamabad can’t be journeyed on the shoulders of jiyalas alone. Gone are the days when PPP was considered and referred to as a sect. Now, it is a party in a dire need of an overhaul.

PPP is in the midst of an existential crisis. The party is yet to hammer out a way out of it

The baggage of his party’s past failures, sins of his father, and absence of his mother call for Herculean courage on part of BBZ. How he’ll shed the baggage, atone for his father’s sins and fill the void demise of his mother, Bibi shaheed left will take more than chanting slogans, calling names and pointing fingers.

Dear Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, it is said that a person is average of five people he spend the most time with. Now, being an adult all set to make his parliamentary debut in coming days, you have tough years ahead, as you not only need to defy Dedalus but also need to escape the fate of Icarus. Surround yourself with better lot.

PPP is in the midst of an existential crisis. The party is yet to hammer out a way out of it. The old slogans that promised ample bread to empty stomachs, livelihood to those who had none, homes to those who dreamed of owning one have lost their shine and sheen. They’ve gone stale, reek of weariness, and failed to invoke the reverence they did in the past.

Chairman PPP has inherited a party that braved massive bruises, bagged horrid failures, made debilitating compromises, and exhausted the art of the possible down to the last drop. The road ahead is perilous and foes lurk in shadows. BBZ should learn the ways of always sly, cynical minded, ruthless, intelligent and always victorious Bond, James Bond.

Imagine, Chairman PPP comes on stage and starts his speech thus, ‘Name is Zardari, Bhutto-Zardari’. Masses who were being stirred till now, will be shaken in one masterstroke. May the force be with you, BBZ.


  1. Why do our columnists shy away in mentioning the real murderer of Benazir? Isn’t he the same person who had her brother Murtaza killed? We all know the accomplice a barber from a border town in Punjab!

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