Next year will be 2017, predicts Dr Shahid Masood


In a breakthrough scoop, noted political pundit Dr Shahid Masood has ascertained the identity of the next year.

“I have it on record that the upcoming year is going to be 2017,” he said, speaking on his show on Bol TV. “The decision has been taken and only the formalities are left.”

“I would not merely say that this is a good choice. I personally think that it is, in fact, the only logical choice the world authorities had in front of them,” he added.

Dr Shahid said that he has no fears when it came to giving such a bold decision and that he decided to give the decision only after doing all the legwork.

“I have with me the actual relevant documents,” he said, flashing said document while the Bol TV watermark ran across the screen. “This report, titled Gregorian Calendar, is there for everyone to see.”

This particular scoop has great emotional significance for the talk show host, given how he got the same decision wrong last year, when he had predicted it would be 2020, instead of 2016.

At the end of the show, he told viewers that though he will not fully confirm it yet, he has reason to believe that 2017 is going to be several extensions and might have a five-year term.


  1. When you go for the low-hanging fruit. Poor quality satire, if one considers it to a satire. More of a non-sense really.

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