Urwa, Farhan wedding festivities finally end as next-door aunty calls police


The wedding festivities of singers/actors Urwa Hocane and Farhaan Saeed had to end several months prior to their scheduled end after neighbour Saima Butt called the police to break up the party.


“We’re trying to sleep here. Your uncle has to go to the office tomorrow and it is very late,” she told reporters.


“It is also Hassan-Sumera’s exam tomorrow,” she added, morphing her two children into a hyphenated singular.


“These people were so, so, so very loud that it was really impossible for us to sleep. And, even though it is not in my nature to be nosy and inquire about the sort of people who come into the neighbourhood, but some of the female guests were wearing, uff tobah, such adventurous clothes,” she continued.


“You know I don’t care who is doing what in this neighbourhood, but Gardezi Saheb from 32-A, who is having an affair with his secretary, said that he didn’t know what the world was coming to, when he saw what the ladies and even some of the gents were wearing,” she said.


“And the loud music! Uff! It wasn’t even good music,” she said.

“This is a very sad development,” said Farhan Saeed. “This throws off balance our plan of reenacting the wedding again next month for those who missed it.”